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(Best criminal lawyer Spain). Criminal Law stands out as one of the most sensitive areas at the legal profession, since it affects the essential rights such as the right to freedom, focused as the right of not being restricted neither the person’s autonomy nor the freedom of movement.

From the moment a person may be affected by a criminal procedure, will fall on him the risk of a penalty as the deprivation of liberty, through the entry in a detention center, which will become an extraordinary concern for the affected, as well as for his lawyer who will assume responsibility of his defense knowing the consequences for his client of a conviction.

Our Constitution establishes the principle of presumption of innocence which means that any citizen has the right not to be found guilty unless this citizen was convicted  by a fair trial.

In the same way, the proportionally principle, the principle of equality and the principle of prohibition to punish a same act twice are principles that rule in Criminal Law.

In our legal system, the Criminal Code regulates the various types of acts and behaviors that are considered crimes and the Law of Criminal Procedure establishes the procedural processing of these cases.

This other principle, that governs in Criminal Law, known as the classification of a crime, implies that a person can only be condemned for those conducts that are typified as an offense in the Criminal Code.

RINBER’s first class criminal lawyers in our Málaga, Granada and Madrid offices. RINBER’s team of specialist criminal lawyers are experienced in dealing with many aspects of criminal matters. Our expert lawyers can guide you through the procedures and assist you with a defence. We have a track record of success in gaining the release of our clients. 

With over 20 years of combined experience, having handled thousands of criminal cases and with successful and stellar results, we continue to offer and provide effective and high-quality representation. Our firm further provides excellent client services in that our clients and potential clients discuss their legal and private matters with our lawyers, and not support staff. We provide one-on-one service and are always available to our clients.

You are important to us. Your case is important to us. The results of your case are important to us. We offer a free case evaluation without any financial obligation or commitment on your part.


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